So first of all Happy Chinese New Year all of you guys!

I can't say that I actually celebrate it but chinese culture takes a little a part in my life as I learn chinese aand I may go to China in summer!! It seems pretty sure actually so I'm already overexcited even it will in August.

Back to the present, we shot these photos on the weekend but I was too lazy /and litte too busy/ to turn on my computer. I didn't really have time to go shopping lately so I try to bring some 'novelty' in my looks with old pieces. For example these striped pants. Do you remember when it was such a big flow and everyone has it? Well I do, and I haven't wear it since because just after that I found them too 'crowd'. Now I figured out that they still look good. Also love this spot what my 'photographer' found.

As it gets lighter and warmer and spring is almost here I will get more time and energy I could focus on my blog. Hopefully.



  1. ahhh I didn't know that you know Chinese! I am from Hong Kong so I know Chinese as well:)
    新年快樂 and I love your outfit! <3


  2. You look fantastic dear, love your sweater! :)

    Isa M., Tic Tac Living



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