Interview with Milex

Finally, I made  my second interview!! ( read the first here)
You might know that I would like to be a journalist and I hope making interviews will be a part of my work one day. It's so great to hearing about other's life and dreams.  There are so many interesting people in the world.

When I came across on Milex's blog my first thought was that it's awesome. You might know him because he is such a popular blogger. He is originally from Poland and moved to England 5 years ago.
He is 21, and well-known by his cool extravagant style. He is an  open-minded guy and it was a such pleasure for me to do this interview him.

So let's say something about your life
I was working as a hairdresser but only for practise because I just finished bradford college so I could work now but I decided to start a make up course from September.

It Sounds great! And what about your blog? Why did you start it?
My friends convinced me to start, I started it as a joke but then I became a kind of addicted to blogging, so it's serious now.

Have you been interested in fashion since  you born or it's just came with your blog?
Since I was born, my mum always tells a story that when I was 4 years old I used to change  my outfit four times like every single day.

Don't you want to care with it more seriously? I mean do your blog as a work?
Blog is mostly my hobby, it may be my work but it's too soon to tell but I do model from time to time.

Do you normally dress like on your blog in your everyday life?
Usually, yes but my style changed a lot lately so you are going to see a new me from September.

Are there a lot of people in England who dress like you? I haven't been there  but for instance I think people would staring at you in my country.
It's the same in Poland! In England you can all kinds of people, nobody really cares so that's the big reason why I like living here.

So do you think that England and english people have effect on you and your style changed when you moved  here?
I don't think that they have effect me so much but I am more free thanks to them. My style is changing all the time so it did change, travels can be very inspiring.

What would you wear in your dream post?
It would be something from Rick Owens collection head to toe.

To sum up, what is your main reason for blogging?
My main reason I am doing blogging is to show everyone not to be afraid of being who you are and always say true to yourself.

Thank you so much for you answers and  your time! 
Check out his blog here !
Hope you guys found this interview interesting! I hope I will do some more in the future!



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