Solar Eclipse

I'm so sorry for the big 'omission' but school has been really demanding lately. Whatever I'm so happy that I finally got outside and shot some photos. The weather was amazing. Ugh I really missed this.Today I saw the first (and probably the last) solar eclipse of my life. It was awesome .. no not actually, it wasn't that big thing, maybe its because it was only 60% in Hungary. But I can say that I saw it!

I found this dress in a thrift shop couple weeks ago. My first thought was that it is so elegant and so really has the 'english aristocratic feeling' and it will be so easy to pair with a big hat, pearls and heels. Yep that would have been super easy and super obvious. So for sure I didn't do that! Eventually it turned out to be a little sporty vibe urban chic. I didn't make a big thing but the 'final effect' is a lot different than I first expected. I have to say I kinda like it.
What do you think?


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