Wind Blow

Happy Easter!
I'm so happy for this little break you can't imagine how much I needed..School is really exhausting lately. My plans for the Easter break is to watch series, eat chocolate and stay bed all day. Well I'm pretty good at completing that plan hah. The weather is on my side..always cloudy and rainy plus there is this huge wind. I didn't find anything good about it until we went shooting and saw the wind playing with my hair on the photos. That's cool, isn't it?
I was wearing a dress which I got for christmas(???) but I have no idea where was it because I didn't even remember that I have it..so its like wtf but whatever i'm so happy that I found a new dress! Little heart pattern is quite cute.  As I wrote the weather is extreme cold recently (considering that its April! weather pls) so I wore a white shirt under the dress. Like it's a pinafore.

What do you think?



  1. Your Easter plan sounds very similar to mine! :D Loving this crisp collared look too. x

  2. Haha same plans for the break! Love this outfit, the hat makes it so edgy and cool!
    Where is it from? You have a great style! xoxo




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