These photos were taken a week ago when I went to the forest with a friend who just got a new camera.  We accidentaly found this place, but it's so wonderul. You can see my little city in the background. Oh and my outfit it also kinda accidental because the photos were not planned. And well yes it's a little bit too black but .. I blame it on my laziness. So I'm really greatful for these photos now because:
 1: finally I have something to post
2: at the moment im sitting on the couch with a planket and a cup of tea while listening the rain outside so it cheers me up a little to see the sun on the photos.
Btw, weather is getting better and better ( expect on weekends,hah) Spring is fantastic. Only  7 weeks left from school! That fact makes me so happy.
Hope you guys are doing well, stay tuned!


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