50. Dear Fifty!

It's my fiftieth outfit so I had to make something special. I made those photos yesterday but I had no time to post it. Of course it's a bit a elegant because it's a celebration. I am wearing a turquoise lace peplum blouse ( polish shop) with a black skirt (H&M) and powder pink tights(H&M).

I love this gold shiny blazer from H&M because it always makes me think about a celebration. I bought this bag in New Yorker on a sale and I love it.

I'm sorry but the photos are a bit light because it was shining.

I thought It is the last snow but all the night it was snowing so I woke up for a beautiful view. I couldn't halt myself to make pictures after school. It was faboluos.

 I tried to find different wonderful backgrounds to make nice photos.

 Then I met my sweet heart on the roof.  

hat: Takko/  scarf: New Yorker/ coat: New Yorker / bag: Deichmann / trousers : H&M / boots: Deichmann

Have a great Thursday!


  1. Happy 50th post!
    I love it! That snow... awh I just... love it. Oh, and ur outfit too. Love u, u little fashionista!

  2. Thanks!
    Love you maomao <3

  3. Cute post! I love blouse :)
    Landscape is beautiful!
    Best wishes!



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