51. Cupcake

Finally it's friday!
I gave the title " cupcakes" because of the peplums. I love it and yes I was cold....  I got this studded black top(H&M) for christmas but I have never wore it up to now. I was dancing for 8 years and extremely my beautiful white balett dress still fits on me.  I don't want to make another " black&white" outfit so I made up with red tights(Calzedonia) and necklace(Bulgaria).  I was wearing high heels (Deichmann) but I've gone down in the snow. :/   Yesterday I liked the weather but now I am just starting hate it again.  I think clutches make everything better even they're not so practical. I bought mine a month ago in H&M. 

Have a nice Friday!


  1. So nice:) I used to balett for 2 years! If you want follow me back on twitter!
    Hot Kisses from Spain

  2. Thanks:) but you are anonim so I can't follow you back.



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