49. Chinese flavour

I would like to post this outfit on 10th February ( Chinese new year) but I can't wait.  I got this blouse last week and I love it. It makes me think China, because of the little flowers. I have been learning chinese since a month so I know it's not an easy language (especially writing) but useful and mysterious for me. I even like the chinese's culture and food too. China become commercialized those days. One thing I totally hate is the uncostly copied desiner's things. They are ugly and ridiculous. Anyway I really want to go Shanghai and Peking one day.

I'm wearing my actually favourite blouse from Orsay with a red leggings (H&M) and a black ankle boots (Deichmann). I love almost every red things because it's a warm and striking in the winter. I took my blouse more pretty with a thin black belt (H&M).

When I heard the word China, first I think the colourful kimonos and fans. I found my beautiful wood fan from Croatia.

I hope you like this post!
Have a nice Monday!

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