Greece - Photo diary 3

As I promised there's the last post about my trip. We visited the Meteoras! It's a place full of steep rocks and monasteries on the top of it.  Honestly, I amazed at the first sight, it's so beautiful. 
Monasteries are just levitate in the air. I can't imagine how people built them. There are 22 monasteries here and 6 out of them are still working.
Monks used to reach it by soaring compartments. 
There's still an important rule here which is not let women go inside without sleeveless tops and long skirts. Buildings close at 5 o'clock and we arrived at 4:30 so I had to hurry and quickly found something to hide my shoulders.
Modern people made stairs for tourists to reach it easily. 
Well, visited only one monastery because of the time but there was extremely too much stairs.
All of the pictures are my own!

I don't need to say that there was extremely hot! In 38°C I did not really want to wear any special thing so I wore a denim short(Promod)  with a simple purple top(H&M) and sandals(Deichmann).

My outfit for the Monastery, I think I can say that it's the fastest look I've ever made but at least it's effortless. Well, I would never wear those items together but it's something really new....even it's not the best combo. Scarf and top from H&M.

My view! It's a little city called Kalambaka.

I hope you get to feel why this place is one of the World' Seven Wonder.
It is the end of my first photo diary, I'm glad if you found it interesting!

Have a nice Monday!


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