Greece- Photo diary 2

Well, I realised that I am unable to choose and categorise my photos about this trip so now I show my l pictures. Sorry if it's a bit too much. Mostly, I share with you my looks.
We had a lot of fun in these days. I tried to ride a banana and tasted lots of traditional food and desserts. For me the most experimental thing was when I discovered the beautiful lands in a back of a mule. The weather was always really hot so the most important views in my outfits  are the convenient and the summery rocking fabric.

A blue outfit inspired by the different shades of the sea. I did this crop top for myself really easily. You just need a big simple tee and scissors. I paired it with a dark blue maxiskirt and a shiny necklace. I bought this ring here , all from pearls and made by hands so I think it's really beautiful.

Fried cheese with salad, tzatziki and frenchfries. It was really  delicious.

Another long skirt which I found on the attic. Simple outfit with a black basic top(H&M) and white sandals(Deichmann).

Special greek delights.... honestly it wasn't tasty.

Seriously adore this background! So amazing.
Swimwear from H&M.

Dried octopus and parasols.

This place was really awesome. There were huge waves and smell of the salty water. I found some really special shells. 

Well, I tasted garnela aaand I loved it!


Still love this H&M overall in the hot weather. I wore it with a hat, pink belt(H&M) and sandals(Deichmann). 

Trying to ride a banana. Full of fun.

Awesome waves. 


Love this decoration.

Goffri in chocolate syrup with hanzelnut.

Walking in the sunrise.


Dotted pink overall from H&M.

Hope, you enjoy this post! Tomorrow, I'd show  my last photos about this holiday. We visited the Meteoras so stay with me!
By the way  you can find me on instagram for more photos: reka_koleszar

Have a nice Sunday! 


  1. You are so sweet! Suits you so well! Next week "Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin" starts - I would love to invite you to read my posts about it! I'm so excited! ♡Love, Kyra

  2. looks like a fun vacation!

  3. ó, de szuper lehetett! nem régen mi is görögországban voltunk, ti hol nyaraltatok? nagyon tetszik a kék-fehér overálod és csinos az a hosszú csíkos szoknya is! ;))




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