Interview with Elle

If you read the  post about my monthly favourite bloggers, you might know Elle. The girl who born in London and moved to Paris. She is popular because of her DIY ideas and her personal style. She attended in the  H&M magazine summer 2013. She made a floral  t-shirt in this article. I recently made an interview with her where I ask about some interesting details.

R:  Why did you start this blog?
E: I started the blog because I love doing little DIY projects, and I'm passionate about style and I wanted to use a blog to share it with people. 

R: What is your aim with it?
E: First and foremost my aim is to share and talk to people who have the same interests, it would be cool to live off of it some time in the future too!

R:  What inspires you to make DIY ideas?
E: A lot of the time I see techniques that I can simulate in high fashion clothes and accessories that inspires me to make something using the same ideas. That or there's something I've seen somewhere that I want and I can't find it or afford it!

R:  What about this H&M collaboration? Did they explore you or how did it happen?
E: For the H&M collaboration I received an email out of the blue! I was so excited! They said they had read my blog and liked what I did and would like to work with me. It was great because I felt that the work I had been putting into the blog was worth all the effort. 

R: Do you get  results of each DIY tips from your  readers?
E: We did an event at London Oxford Street H&M where people tried out some of my DIY's, we took pictures and put them up in a Facebook album, they had such great ideas to interpret the DIY projects for themselves. I wish more people would send in photos though, I would love to see peoples projects and put them up on the Facebook page. 

R: How would you describe your style?
E:  I'd say Chic and simple but also experimental and fun. 

R: What advices could you give for young bloggers to have succes?
E: Get a good camera, and make quality posts, don't be afraid to reach out to other bloggers because most of them are lovely and happy to help.

R: What is your biggest dream?
E: To be able to work full time in a creative atmosphere, and to be able to travel with the people I love and enjoy the time I have here on earth! :) 

R: What is your favourite item in your closet?
E:  My DVF shoes, (https://www.facebook.com/ellefrostblog?sk=app_267091300008193) I love them so much, but they are so high that they hurt after 2 hours! 

R: How would you decribe the differences between Paris and London's street style? 
E: Parisians are definitely stylish, but they are very uniform. I do love that they are so chic and simple, it's very inspirational. London style is so much more experimental and really changes from one part of town to another, I really enjoy going back there and seeing everyones personal interpretation, it's great!

I'm so glad that I made this interview and thank you so much for the answers.
If you even haven't check her blog : http://www.ellefrost.com/
I hope, I will be able to make more interviews in the future. It is a really great thing! 

Have a good summer!


  1. I love her style! Is a perfect blogger! very interesting the interview!!


  2. hi, Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog ! following u now on bloglovin

  3. Super look ^^
    i will go to see her blog :)

    New post - Kisses

  4. So cool that you got to ask her these interesting questions!

    Love x
    Grow In Fashion

  5. Great interview, love her style!!!!




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