I have a soft desire for everything vintage, not to mention how much I love long coats and sweaters. So this dark blue trench coat I inherited from my mum's teenage years, is the most-frequent-worn piece of my wardrobe at the moment. These pants are zara and they totally match the tapestry at my grandma's house. Lol.

As it's the middle of spring I would expect bright sunshine and a light breeze. Well, my expectations are not likely to meet the reality. In fact: constant raining and 10°C are the average trait of the weather. Nevermind, coffee shops, huge blankets and book towers are always welcomed.

I almost forgot about the most obvious thing that happened lately. I got a new haircut and I can't even express how good it feels. Damn I should have done it earlier. 



  1. Hey, I can't tell how much I love your kinda 'comingback'. I was really surprised when you disappeared, it felt like my inspiration was dead but you're here again haha. Keep writing,posting, beeing! Your clothes are just simply awesome the way you piece them together.
    xxx Lisa

  2. Oh inherited pieces of clothing are the best pieces of clothing :D
    I love your look, such a lady!

  3. those pants are so fantastic! I love the print!




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