I  know I have been disappeared for like a half year and perhaps I have no viewer at all now. 
I do have my reasons but I don't want to blame anything or anybody, I just didn't have any motivation to run this blog. Writing posts and taking photos felt like something on my to do list next to dentist. I had to put too much effort into it and it was aimless. 
My days were fast, like constant rushing and after a time I got comfortable with the idea of letting my blog abandoned. 

At the moment, I'm sitting in a sofa with a cup of tea under a huge blanket and feeling something strange while writing down these words, kind of regret. 
But also kind of happiness that here I am again with fresh ambitions and plans. I hope I will be able to build up this blog from its own remains. 
I think my style did changed a lot as I went under certain changes, got to know  more and visited different places. I'm sure they all have affected the way I think thereby how I dress. 

As this  is a 'comeback' post I wanted bring something 'special'.
Last weekend, I had a fabolous time chilling in a meadow with a friend. She is actually a really talented photographer. My all-white outfit wasn't  really planned. This place has it's own pure feeling with its wildflowers, birds and silence. Lying there was more than refreshing. It was my 5th time there and I always feel like I need to wear light colours to not to interfere the atmosphere.

Special thanks to GNikixx for the photos. 


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  1. This outfit is so cute, all white outfits are the best in my opinion :)




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