Getting a new camera

Hey guys!

Yesterday, I bought my camera and it's so amazing. Obviously I couldn't stand posting my first pictures. I planned to go out, city, forest or even ask a friend and make some portraits but the rain washed away my plans. So my plan B turned out like this. I took some photos in the house, in my bedroom actually. It was just a kinda practise. First, I eternalized the peace of my desk in the morning. I really enjoy mornings lately as school ended. I get into drawing and surprisingly I'm more effective straight after I wake up.

Then I took photos of clothes I've bought recently hanging in my room. Well they were colorful and I could played with the lights.

PS: I haven't read any of the guide books yet and I didn't use any picture editor for these photos.
I'm 100% satisfied with Nikon D3200.



  1. oh my gosh... these photos are soooo amazing! congratulations i have never seen any better bicture then yours. could you please send me your email? i just wanna ask you to take some portraits about me :o

  2. Wonderful pictures. ^^
    Lovely greets Nessa



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