June 18

ONE Day left

 Hey people!

So these are my first outfit photos with the new camera. Well the location is not on point ...yes it's my neighbour's garage door. No excuse, we were lazy to walk farther. It's 32°C now and so damp.

I've spent my morning at the nearly kindergarten because I need to do 50 hours of 'society work' for school. Oh well, dual experiences. They are so sweet and small and they welcome me with huge smiles and kisses. On the one hand, they are adorable. On the other hand, they are so loud and irritating and they want to 'play' with my hair. Ouch... Anyway, I ran a lot and I have to say I do respect more kindergarten teachers now than I did before.

Tomorrow, I'll have my year-end ceremony at school which means I'll get my certificate *fingers crossed*. Also it will be the last day I meet my classmates before summer holiday. I think I'll miss them.

 romper: Atmosphere/ necklace: H&M/ sunnies: Promod/ sandals: Deichmann


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