Hey People!
I'm pretty sure that it's my last post this year so I would like to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
I know I haven't written since ages but I proved to be more active on instagram. (check here)
I have/had a lot of things going on around me. I really need to find my inner peace and put things on the right outside. It just takes time but I'm on the right way. I hope so.
You know the 'new year-new me' bullshit, right? Well, I want to be the old me and care about this blog and everything I loved so much before. 
I was in Vienna with my class a couple days ago. Well, it's not a usual outfit post but I thought I need to share these photos. I have a really talented classmate I hope you'll like it as well.

First we visited the Schönbrunn palace. It was my first time here. Omgd its so huge. I'd love to play with the tought to living in such a palace.  

Then we had some free time  around Stephansdom so we went shopping in forever 21! Obviously!
At the end we drank mulled wine and hot chocolate in the christmas market!
It was a fantastic experience.

Photos by Kristof Korpás




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