Paris~ Photo diary

Part 1

Hey guys!

I know I haven't written since a while but I just got back from Paris with thousands of experiences  and of course photos. So it's the part 1 of my Photo diary and probably have 2 and 3 so stay connected!

My stay in Paris was fantastic, we visited so many gorgeous places. Lets start with Champ-élysees and the Louvre.

Champ-élysees is still crowded and the Arc de Triomphe is still amazing. I really like this street at least for window shopping. I wore that daisy dress which wasn't a good choice for here at all....considering the constant wind.

Make sure to taste Pierre Hermé macarons if you are in Paris. Infiniment Citron & Velouté Satine are highly recommended! 

The louvre is the biggest museum of Paris since 1793 and it's really worth to see it even there's always a huge crowd around the biggest attraction, around the Mona Lisa. I know that the pyramid of Louvre is really controversial but I think it's amazing how modern world and the ancient egypt world's elements are combined together.

For visiting my favourite museum I wore a metallic peplum blouse with statement necklace and blue printed shorts.

As I became so addicted to Dan Brown's books I can't miss to mention the fact if the pyramid is made up of exactly 666 glass panes /which is the number of the devil/. Well, I didn't count it but made a little research which says that it's actually 673 and 666 is just an urban legend.

It was such a gold moment.

We had a sandwich at the gorgeous garden of the Louvre. It is a really nice and calm park where many people do their daily jogging. Oh how cool it must be?! I would really switch my dear forest to this amazing place.

 Rue de Rivoli
An amazing shopping place

Found  this street near the Opera of Paris and it's special because you may know that my cat is called Capucine.

Opéra national de Paris

It's the end of my first photo diary of the Paris journey. I hope you liked it and keep checking because Disneyland is gonna be the next!




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