Monochrome Vibes

Monochrome outfit in  glorious green. I still obsessed ( well.it's not an obsession its pure love) with black&white together. 
I never get bored with it even if just about a white tee, black jeans and black blazer. Always classy!
As for me I don't think that black&white is equal with the dresscode for galas. They are just elegant.

Btw, it's the third time you can see that skirt on my blog ( here and here). I really like it, it's good with everything. Also, the blouse is simple with a little twist: ruffles on the arm. And my fave hat of course.:)
Well I rather imagine this outfit in the streets of Paris but hope you enjoy that background too.

What do you think?

blouse: New Look/skirt: New Yorker/hat: H&M/ sandals: Deichmann



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  2. It's a gorgeous outfit! :D I like the ruffled sleeves :D



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