Rainy Days

An other storm came to Europe and reached Hungary. So it's my third day when I'm locked in the house because of the rain, cold and windstorms. Sadly, it means that I don't have opportunity to shoot outfits.  
Recently, I spend  quite a lot of time with reading, baking and making yummy desserts. Here is a quick post about how to make a fab breakfast by 5 minutes.

1: Get a natural yoghurt and put it in a porringer.

2: Slice up a banana 

3: Take some cereals too, I took cheerios

4: Bite two pieces of chocolate into smaller bits

5: Take cherry or strawberry syrup or whatever you want on your plate

That's all. Take an instagram photo and maybee #rslamode so I can check out. 
Eat it knowing that banana is high in potassium and low in salt, chocolate boost the brain's blood supply  Cheerios is the only leading cereal proven to help lower cholesterol and yoghurt is healthy as well.

Bon app├ętit!




  1. wanna try it with some honey on top! :)


  2. Mmmh, it looks so delicous! :) We have to try that :)
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