Unfortunately, I didn't have time to shoot outfits and there's something like a snowstrom so I'm sorry.
It's gonna  be a quick post about my new passion. As you might seen I've made tumblr couple days ago. I always wanted to make it  but then I was too lazy and said that ohh one blog is perfectly enough for me to keep up. But finally I made, and I like it pretty much. 

Seriously, everybody should have it. There are so many interesting pictures and people to follow.
I still count as a new user so leave me a message if you have tumblr and I will check it for sure. Mostly, I post my own photos but I love reblogging cool pictures about cities, cats or anything I like.
Feel free to ask me anything or  to follow me. 
Check out my tumblr here: http://rslamodediary.tumblr.com/


Follow me: -tumblr

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  1. you tumblr is so awesome! <3




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