Must Haves for Spring

part one

I planned to take some outfit photo today because I'm almost fine but it was so cold and 20cm snow! I hate this winter feeling at the end of March! So there's something fresh and new! I really adore the 2013 spring/summer trends and I would like to share with you some 'must have' pieces!

1.Let's start with op-art!
For this season everyone needs something with polka dots, stripy or checked.  Black&White is still the most popular but experimentalise new colours! 

 You can get inspiration by the catwalk or just look around the street! I have already done a stripy outfit (here) and one with a checked coat (here).

2.Then Bomber jackets

Bombers came in the 90's years but now it's back in a really big selection. They are practical and popular those days. You can find it with unique figures and pretty colours! I haven't got presently but I'd love to buy one in the future!

3.Jungle trend: floral, animal printed

It's one of my favourite trend now.  Just take something jungle style to your life  with floral and animal prints and be a bit wild. It's so fresh and funny.

4. Metallic or hologram things
Shiny and glamorous! I promise, if you wear something metalic you would stick out from the crowd! Or you can make your outfit if you choose hologram accessories! This new style is really tricky but has an amazing effect! Try it!

Well, you can see it's the part one because I can't take all the spring's must haves to one post! So I will continue next time!
Have a great weekend!




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