Take part in a fancy dress party

I was on a Fancy dress party in my old school on Friday. I  had a great time with my guys. Virág (you can see her in this post) was dancing waltz in this beautiful bridal dress with Marci. They could be a really sweet couple. It was strange to see my old classmates' face but it was good. I have left this school since two years and I resigned the waltz but I felt a bit sorry while I was watchin them. All of them were so nice and skilful.

I ate a lot of sweets and desserts.


We made several photos and I would like to show a few of them.

I was wearing the same outfit what you have seen here ,because I have never wear it outside before. I should  chose this bag because it was on occasion and it made my outfit more elegant.

When we were little young girls we went to this mirror almost every day so now we must to take a memory picture.

I hope you enjoy  this special post!

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